Artificially Colored Foods Not Exported to Other Countries

Do you think it’s fair that there are some companies here in the US who make two different versions of their products- one for us which has chemical food dyes and one for those foods sold in the U.K. where these food dyes are illegal?

This is like our government is saying it’s ok for us to eat this stuff but it’s not ok for us to export it to other countries. It’s about the difference in our food standards here in the States versus other countries who do not allow genetically altered foods or foods with a lot of chemicals and dyes added.

We’ve been trained to believe that these brightly colored foods are good for us and that this is how it is supposed to look. It has become so much a part of our lives that many of us have forgotten what food is supposed to look like in its most natural state.

In the UK and other European countries, food dyes have been banned or have to come with a warning.  The UK in particular has a warning label on any foods that contain any types of chemical dyes.  Why? Because these dyes have been shown to cause hyperactivity and aggression in children as well as many other health complications to people.

What Big Companies Do
Many of the large fast food chains and candy markets include pretty food dyes in American food because it is not considered unsafe by the FDA.  So these companies manufacture their products for the FDA standard and manufacture an entirely separate product for the markets that do not allow dyes.

One famous fast food chain goes as far as to put real fruit in their exported product to create color but uses the chemical dye for the same product sold in the States.  To most people this does not make any sense but it all comes to down to making money.  Uses cheap chemical dyes leads to a higher profit margin that using real fruit and if the FDA doesn’t have a problem with these tactics then neither do these companies.

Why This Practice is Wrong
If a company willingly changes their manufacturing process for some or all of their products to successfully export their goods, there has to be a reason.  Other countries have conducted studies that show that these dyes are unhealthy.  Sure, the FDA deemed these chemicals safe in the US but is that the point?  How are they ok for us but not ok for other countries? This should make us question the motives that the FDA has in mind for its own people.

So what do you think when you hear this? Is it fair that our country would choose to give us foods with these additives and chemicals but other countries have already proven it unsafe?


Lisa Mason is a freelance writer and social media marketer with more than 10 years of experience. As a mom to 5 with food allergies and asthma, she cares about what her family eats. Lisa is also a youth coach and founder of Sports Zone Media.  

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