Is There A Plastic Bag Ban Coming To Your Town?

facts about the harmful effects of disposable bags in a handy infographic

  • I use reusable grocery bags, and I also reuse disposable shopping bags as doggy poo bags. When I recently moved, I wrapped fragile items in old plastic bags as another way to reuse them. What do you do to reuse disposable plastic bags?


  1. Michael

    I reuse plastic bags in a number of ways. 1st: I have a small trash can perfect for the size of walMarts bags next to my recliner. 2nd: I use them to cover my windows during the winter months. 3rd: doggy poo use like the lady above. 4th: When I walk through the woods and find something I want to keep, I always have a few bags in my pocket for such things.

  2. Steve

    I’m all for recycling (and I do) but government telling me what I can or cannot use is way over the line. Thanks for a great article pointing out the difference between paper and plastic so I can make an informed choice.

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