Basics on LED Tape (Guest Post)

The following is a guest post written by an individual representing a company selling LED Products.

LED tape is the best way forward for decorative lighting features. It’s size and ability make it versatile in so many different applications. It can be mounted almost anywhere offering benefits such as superior output and next to no heat.

Within a domestic setting it could be used to set the mood within an area or under kitchen units as a general light source which would benefit from great light output and lower energy costs. This would virtually take away the need to switch bulbs as the life expectancy is determined at approximately 30 – 50,000 hours.

In a home environment this offers 10 years at least without changing a single light bulb.

Bathroom lighting
Low voltage LEDs are ideal for use within a bathroom environment. Because most of the Power supplies or transformers are waterproof they are useful for this application. You can also get the tape in waterproof versions. Waterproofing is generally identified by an IP rating, the IP rating is determined by numbers. IP65 is a waterproof rating that allows contact with water whereas an IP68 rating would allow full submersion upto a certain depth. LED tape comes in both versions.

Kitchen Lighting
More and more LEDs are incorporated within a kitchen environment because of the sleek and easy to install design. Most of the time the use of LEDs is either under a kick board, cupboard or installed in a pelmet to illuminate the contents. Innovative design options has increased demand of this new technology creating both mood and sophistication to kitchen schemes often adding value to the concept. The use of IP rated waterproof led tape is common because the shield coating makes scrubbing up easier and protects against fluids damaging the light emitting diodes.

Bedroom Lighting
Headboards are great places to use LED tape, the power of the light source provides an ambiance ideally suited to bedroom interior decoration adding enhanced mood to any room. Most designers would recommend lighting to make an impact and add value to any home. Lighting is renowned for its effect on the chosen area and LED tape is the perfect answer for decorative lighting solutions. Warm white light is ideal when decoration includes golds, browns, creams and earthy colours. Using neutral white will add a certain sparkle to more vivid colours of decoration whereby the chosen colour is to be brought to life such as reds, blues and whites. Neutral white looks amazing illuminating pearl tiles in en-suites.

Exterior lighting
IP rated or waterproof LED tape can be adopted under brick capping to illuminate exterior garden features like walls. Alternatively it can be installed around water features, inside of canopies or used in exterior barbecue areas. As a light source LED has many advantages especially in external applications where weather conditions can be destructive. The benefits of LEDs and the minimal maintenance associated with them give designers and architects the ability to use lighting in harder to reach places and in contrast areas that are often accessible by the general public where cooler operating temperatures, lower voltage solutions are required.

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  1. We use quality sourced LED tape and even design our own LED tape products here in the UK. For example we have just launched our new RGBW Quad Flex System which offers Crisp White’s, Vibrant colours and everything inbetween! Quad Flex is ideal for Kitchens, Bars and almost any environment.

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