Corbin Sparrow Started a Good Thing: The Electric Three-Wheeled Motorcycle

It’s cute, it’s small, it’s functional, and now it’s totally Green. Corbin Sparrow is a small, covered, three-wheeled motorcycle that can get you where you need to go. Sound weird? This cute vehicle is more than adorable, it packs a punch.

The original Sparrows were called the “Pizza-butt” (named for it’s job as a Domino’s pizza delivery car) and the Jellybean. It came in more colors than skittles but only 285 were ever manufactured due to their slightly problematic self-combustion. The company went bankrupt and shut down.
Corbin Sparrow Cars
Thankfully Myers Motors found some potential and took these buggies on as a project.
The modern Corbin Sparrow is a Myers Motors electric car. They look exactly the same, but they don’t go up in flame. Under the hood and under the seat are 13 batteries, enough to power your car for 30 miles and it only takes 6 hours to recharge. For as small as it looks, it even has a six foot trunk.
Named the NmG (or No More Gas), this car is perfect for someone who works within 30 miles of their home. It goes up to 75 miles an hour, and can plug in to pretty much any 110V outlet. It would be even greener if it was charged on a renewable energy source like a solar panel.
Electric cars are exponentially better than gas-fueled cars because they produce less than 40% as much greenhouse emissions and carbon emissions are reduced by more than 80% a mile.
The only downside I see, and the only thing most people have a hard time swallowing, is that currently they are $30,000, as much as an SUV that can hold seven or eight people. But as technology becomes more efficient and the cars become more popular, this figure may decrease drastically.
There is also the rumor that this year Myer’s will come out with a secret two passenger Sparrow.

For more information, or to buy a NmG visit Myers Motors’ Homepage.

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