Daily Green Wrap-Up 01.March, 2012

How do you keep a data center cool in the middle of the desert, in a cost-effective and energy-efficient manner? It turns out that you can use hot water to keep server rooms cool, as eBay’s Phoenix data center illustrates.
The number of Americans who believe global warming is happening is on the rise, according to a Brookings Institution report on the latest National Survey of American Public Opinion on Climate Change (NSAPOCC) survey conducted in December of 2011.
So you’re on a mission to eat healthy and live more lightly on the earth, but how do your laundry habits stack up on the eco-friendly scale? You may not realize it but conventional laundry products and practices can have a negative impact on both your health and the environment. Many products contain questionable ingredients that are not regulated and not even listed on the label.
Despite certain components being prefabricated off-site, prefab homes actually offer a lot in the way of customization, allowing individuals to customize many features to create the perfect living environment for the lifestyle of the owner. In the latest article in our Green Guide to Prefab series, we’ll be taking a closer look at the idea of an owner’s lifestyle, and we’ll tell you the questions you need to ask in order to build a home that fits with your life.
Hardcore fans of IKEA’s space saving solutions and the modern efficiency of prefabricated buildings will love this news. IKEA and ideabox, a prefab housing design studio based in Oregon, unveiled their first line of prefabricated houses in the U.S. Named the Aktiv, the 745 square foot (70 square meter) one bedroom home is designed by ideabox and furnished by IKEA. Aktiv (Swedish for active) is currently designed with Pacific Northwest homeowners in mind and features eco-friendly appliances and materials.
Drilling for more oil and gas in the USA will feed the Dragon but do nothing for US gasoline price relief. It’s hard to figure why Republicans and their voting base can’t see that oil is a global commodity and that the biggest customer for liquid fuel (China) drives fuel prices for everyone, going forward.

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