Daily Green Wrap-Up 02.December, 2011

The Boston-based founders of Freight Farms have found an urban farming solution that can work anywhere and for just about anyone. These amazing recycled shipping containers are outfitted with climate and system controls that allow even the most inexperienced person to grow virtually any kind of produce at any time of year.
ach of the four separate blocks constructed out of natural materials is completely reusable and features lush green roofs that would make the most talented horticulturist green with envy! The naturally lit and ventilated complex uses absolutely no heating or cooling, thanks to passive design, and is powered by solar and geothermal energy.
There is some discussion where I live about whether the amount people drive is “elastic”- whether people drive less and look for alternatives if the prices of fuel go up. In the last Provincial election where I live, the leader of the party I support ran on a platform I couldn’t support, calling for the removal of a tax on gasoline and heating, suggesting that people had no choice, that demand was inelastic.
Durham Crematorium has announced a rather macabre, yet innovative plan to harness the heat from the dead people it burns via a set of turbines and generate electricity. Initially, the turbines, which could eventually produce enough electricity to power 1,500 televisions, will be used to heat and provide power to the building, reported the Telegraph.
The marine pollution, discovered in 1997, had accumulated over a long period of time and founders dubbed the phenomenon, “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch”. This waterlogged stew of trash is located in the northern part of the Pacific Ocean where several ocean currents come together marking the end of the line for garbage floating the world’s oceans.

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