Daily Green Wrap-Up 04.December, 2011

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When Yamaha announced it had stopped developing Japanese-market motorcycles over 250 cc back in August, everyone (myself included) thought it was the beginning of the end for the company’s sexy motorcycle designers. We needn’t have worried; Yamaha’s latest (revealed at last week’s Tokyo Motor Show) is this 220 mpg (188 mpg US), 80 kg, 125 cc cruiser called Y125 … and it. Is. Gorgeous!
This thing is sleek and stylish, with an outrageous gas mileage. Please be mine?
We always expected that eventually the price of the Nissan Leaf would decrease as the numbers produced increased, and now there’s word that Leaf prices will, ahem, fall with the arrival of the 2014 model. According to rumors being spread by Auto Express, the world’s best-selling passenger car EV is to be slightly revised and will not only be cheaper two years hence, it will offer more range. How much cheaper and how much more range however, is as speculative as the veracity of the hearsay. What’s more certain though, is the news that it will have a wireless charging option.
“Happy Holidays!” “Thinking of You” “Season’s Greetings” and the wishes go on and on, but really is sending a piece of paper waste to your friends and family the way you want to send your holiday wishes?
It’s time to reevaluate those annual holiday traditions.
In mid-November, the Paris city council adopted a new Plan de Biodiversité. Among calls for an extension of the electric tramway system and improved management of the two forests that border the city, the plan includes a pledge to create seven more hectares (about 83,000 square yards) of green roofs and rooftop gardens throughout Paris.

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