Daily Green Wrap-Up 07.March, 2012

Ask most small and mid-sized farmers who sell food to a local audience what they like least about their job and they will probably say marketing and distribution. Driving long hours to sit at farmers markets (or managing someone else who does) is always a risk that can result in unsold leftovers.
This video warms my heart, especially after the one I posted earlier where thousands and thousands of fins were found on a sidewalk in Hong Kong. I want to give this kid a big ol’ hug for being wicked cool.
It’s very easy to make yogurt without a yogurt maker. For equipment, you’ll need a two-quart saucepan, a candy or dairy thermometer (optional but helpful), a one-quart mason jar, and a whisk that will fit into it. You also need a method for keeping your yogurt warm while it cultures.
Considered non-essential and expensive, prison garden programs are often the first to be cut. Yet they have proven to be successful in not only reducing recidivism rates and improving rehabilitation, but also providing fresh healthy food to inmates and surrounding communities. The following are just several of many initiatives around the country that demonstrate what these kinds of gardening programs can accomplish.
Today, the USGBC and Home Depot announced a new database – available through LEEDHomeDepot.com – currently listing more than 2,500 products that contribute towards LEED for Homes certification.

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