Daily Green Wrap-Up 1.November, 2011

“The idea is to provide localized information so people can make decisions about recreational activity and hopefully encourage someone to postpone a load of laundry or washing a big-deal pile of dishes, or something like that, until the overflow has stopped,” says Percifield.
there are plenty of simple ways to minimize the amount of energy needed to heat your home and save a bundle of cash doing it. From properly insulating your house to simply dressing for the season, check out our 10 easy tips to cut your home’s energy use – you’ll thank us when you receive your next electricity bill!
Bamboo Sushi’s bona fides are overwhelming: Powered by wind energy, certified by the Marine Stewardship Council and legally constituted as a B Corp., Bamboo Sushi has partnerships with the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the Blue Ocean Institute and Salmon Nation.
The new law sets a minimum amount of nutritional requirements that the school canteen must adhere to. The problem in French schools with the new law is that the protein requirement is soley based on protein from animals
Canada’s Financial Post – the premier business magazine of Canada – published an article detailing how the escalating pressure to stop Keystone XL is causing investors in the tar sands to reconsider their long term plans for exploiting the world’s second largest pool of carbon.
A large section of bluff collapsed Monday next to the We Energies Oak Creek Power Plant, sending dirt, coal ash and mud cascading into the shoreline next to Lake Michigan and dumping a pickup truck, dredging equipment, soil and other debris into the lake.

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