Daily Green Wrap-Up 11.August, 2012

A professor from the University of Southern California has developed a system to print out entire houses with all the fixings including concrete foundation, plumbing and electrical wiring.
Engineering professor Behrokh Khoshnevis scaled up 3D printing so that it can be used to construct buildings by using a process called Contour Crafting.
Extended range electric powertrain, federal and state incentives, still-high gasoline prices and hip interior and exterior design are all helping the Chevrolet Volt lead U.S. plug-in vehicle sales. Even though the overall numbers remain small, the Volt is clearly bypassing the Nissan Leaf and niche competitors. The stumbling block has always been the MSRP sticker price, which started out at about $41,000 when the Volt was launched in late 2010. So far, leasing has been the solution and that’s getting even better for car shoppers.
OK, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I think that this year’s climate extremes are linked to human-caused climate change. We might not really have the definitive answer on whether that is true for 20 years, but I would like nothing better than to be proven wrong about the linkage I’m making today. From a global food supply perspective, the effects of weather on 2012 food production is problematic no matter what its cause. As bad as it seems, it might just be a “shot over the bow” relative to what me might expect in the future. The unfilled corn cob pictured above is a relatively decent example of what the US corn crop is yielding this year.
Green vacant lots make neighborhood residents feel safer while reducing overall crime, according to a new study from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.
The sailing ship “100% Ecopowered Acciona”, which only used to move renewable energy, putting them last in the port of Palma de Mallorca with a view to their participation in sailing round the world non-stop Vendée Globe, which starts to be played on November.
With record high temperatures soaring around the world, there’s no better time to keep the cool outdoors—under a tree and on a grassy knoll. And, foodie or not, the principles behind ecopsychology say there’s no better way to reconnect and nurture relationships than out in the fresh air. Breaking bread together with brie (or sticky chocolate cake), makes the whole picnicking affair that much more meaningful.
So, grab a blanket and try one (or all 10) of our favorite picnic recipes—a compilation of our team’s favorites and enough to make a complete menu.

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