Daily Green Wrap-up 12.October, 2012

Government incentives can be an important boost for new technologies moving from the testing ground to mainstream markets, but incentives are not guaranteed to achieve intended results – and there’s no promise a government can maintain support. In an era of budgetary pressures (such as now), incentives can become easy targets.
There goes Scandinavia again, making the rest of the world look bad.
Did you know that the average person will walk 35,000 miles in their lifetime (that’s the same distance as walking from Paris to Shanghai and back… twice)? And that the average person will sleep for 217,175 hours? This is life, summed up.
The temperature is dropping and much of the country can expect the first snow fall around the beginning of next month. But before the first frost, you should get outdoors and enjoy the colorful fall leaves and crisp air on a camping adventure! We rounded up 6 green gadgets for the outdoors that will keep you cozy outside, even when night brings a chill. From an energy-producing Biolite Campstove to keep you warm to a cozy Rab sleeping bag that is made from eco-friendly materials, here are 6 handy designs that will make for a wonderful stretch spent in the woods!
A team of researchers from Arizona State University have developed a new software system that is capable of estimating greenhouse gas emissions across entire urban landscapes, all the way down to street level and individual buildings. The project, known as Hestia after the Greek goddess of home and hearth, allows the team to combine extensive public database “data-mining” with traffic simulation and building-by-building energy-consumption modeling.
It’s been a heady year so far for sustainability efforts at Molson Coors (NYSE: TAP). The brewing company was recently named beverage sector leader on the international Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI). It also made the DJSI North America list for the second straight year.
Think you don’t regret all those high school afternoons wasted at the mall or the skate park? Just wait till you meet Sophia Vartanian, a Vancouver, B.C.-based urban farmer. At 16 years old, her resume is already more impressive than some twice her age. On the day we spoke, she was busy wrestling a solar panel project into fruition, laying the groundwork for a farm at her high school, and gearing up to deliver a TEDxKids B.C. talk titled “Don’t Eat Your Farmer.”

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