Daily Green Wrap-Up 13.July, 2012

This year marks the 5th Anniversary of the annual SeaChange Summer Party benefitting Oceana. The benefit, which takes place in Orange County, California, enables supporters to bring back the sea and its treasures for this and future generations. Since its inception, this star-studded event has raised nearly $5 million dollars for ocean conservation.
Green products enable us to live healthier, more efficient lifestyles – but even if you’ve upgraded every light bulb and appliance in your house to the most environmentally-friendly model, you can still eek out even more efficiency by adopting greener habits. For example, you use the same amount of water with a low-flow shower head in a 15 minute shower, as a 9 minute shower with a regular shower head. If you also limited the amount of your shower in combination with a low-flow fixture, you are saving a ton! Check out eLocal‘s infographic on Acting Green vs. Buying Green after the break for more ways to lower your carbon footprint by living a greener lifestyle.
It’s not too difficult to make the case that PayPal has already played a large role in the modern resurgence of electric vehicles. After all, Elon Musk – now the CEO of Tesla Motors – made a nice chunk of coin selling the online payment service to eBay before coming to the EV company. Turns out, the circle is coming ’round again with General Electric’s announcement that its EV chargers will soon accept PayPal.
Cities and companies around the world tap into geothermal energy — the thermal energy below the Earth’s surface — but there’s another type of man-made energy coursing through sewer pipes beneath cities and towns: sewage. The town of Brainerd, Minnesota plans to develop a unique alternative energy system that will tap into the thermal energy in sewer pipes to heat and cool buildings.

Mexico’s Pacific Coast has some truly gaudy resorts, e.g. Acapulco with its endless avenues of homogenous high-rise resorts, lobster-pink package tourists and neon-lit taco restaurants.

Move up the coast a few miles, however, and you’ll find paradisiacal places like this: a 200-acre nature reserve with prehistoric-looking huts that fit perfectly into their setting. Playa Viva (meaning: “Living Beach”) is an eco-resort set in lush greenery overlooking an unspoiled beach.

Okay, so it’s a pretty shitty move to out and call a guest on your nationally-airing TV show “the kooky guy who doesn’t know what he’s talking about,” and then lean back and smugly add, “You wann defend yourself?” But if that guest happens to be Bill Nye, one of America’s most esteemed science educators, your complete lack of civility is well worth it. Because you just end up looking like a foolish asshole.

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