Daily Green Wrap-Up 15.February, 2012

I have quite a collection of bread clips or tags, and wondering what to do with them? Many recycling companies may not take them, the problem being there is no number on them.
It’s an election year, which means the partisan political bickering is only getting warmed up. So it is no surprise that politicians on the right side of the aisle are already calling Obama’s proposed 2012 budget nothing more than a “campaign” document. Among the many provisions Obama outlines in his proposal is billions of dollars in infrastructure funding, in addition to a $10,000 rebate for the purchase of electric and other green-tech vehicles.
If thoughts of a gorgeous summer evening spent around a campfire are keeping you warm this winter, you’ll be glad to hear that Biolite is working to make camping a little bit greener. The company just launched an ingenious multi-tasking camp stove that converts waste heat into electricity – so you can recharge your phone while you roast your marshmallows over the fire.
PEGA Design and Engineering‘s latest award-winning material might just put more paper on your desk — in the form of a laptop computer! The material, Paper PP Alloy, is said to be a strong, sturdy, affordable, environmentally friendly alternative to the plastics and metals that currently encase many of our consumer electronics.
According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), energy used for heating and cooling, lighting products, and major appliances has decreased by about 10 percent since 2005. We can point to several reasons for this, including wider availability, affordability and broad consumer adoption of more efficient models.

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