Daily Green Wrap-Up 15.July, 2012

When you think of the most innovative places around the world for clean-tech, Denmark, where 50 percent of the energy comes from wind, might come to mind. Or maybe you’d think of Iceland, which is almost nearly 100 percent powered off geothermal, or perhaps Germany, which recently set a new world record in power generated from solar, but Hawaii?

U.S. Pacific Command is working closely with Hawaii, the most oil addicted state in the nation, to ensure that the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative, a plan launched in 2008 to reduce the state’s consumption of fossil fuels by 70 percent by 2030 is a success.

I cringe every time my husband puts bottled water on our shopping list for a big party we’re hosting. Sure, I’d much rather have my guests chug H20 than beer, but I can’t abide the waste implications of the empty containers.

That’s why I’m going to do some research into the SolarBag, a new technology from water technology company�Puralytics for purifying water on-the-go.

Chemicals in many different cosmetics have environmental impacts that ought not be ignored. Although around 60% of the cosmetics we use is absorbed by our body, the other 40% usually goes down the drain in the shower or sink, and this can greatly effect nearby ecosystems, especially when they drain into water sources (lakes, rivers, streams, oceans, aquifers…)
It’s becoming clear that the medical well-being of our species is deeply dependent on that of the creatures around us, but the United States Agency for International Development wants to understand exactly how that relationships works.
Record droughts sear the Midwest, while the Atlantic seaboard prepares for the onslaught of hurricane season. Households on the western coastline check their earthquake supplies, while Colorado recovers from a series of catastrophic wildfires. We don’t want to encourage needless paranoia. Nevertheless, summer seems as good a time as any to look over your home insurance policies—or at least buy a fire extinguisher. Scope out these ten infographics for data that apply to the regions nearest you.
The billionaire founder of PayPal, Tesla Motors and SpaceX is now looking to expand his empire with a “fifth mode of transportation.” Dubbed “the Hyperloop,” the notional vehicle would allow people to travel between Los Angeles and San Francisco in only 30 minutes flat.

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