Daily Green Wrap-up 15.September, 2012

“Fumes,” which appears to be a tense, short thriller that’s yet to be made and is looking for backers. It’s set in near-future London, where an oil crisis has caused the country’s petrol supply to run out. The story was Inspired by two crises: a UK petrol shortage in 2009 when pumps were running dry, and the fiery London riots of August 2011 following protests over the shooting death by police of a local man, Mark Duggan.
The 2012 Solar Decathlon Europe kicks off this weekend as 19 teams of students from around the world unveiled stunning solar-powered homes in the heart of Madrid. From cylindrical solar homes that generate two times more energy than they consume to Passivhauses inspired by traditional architecture and modular prefab marvels, read on for 6 of our favorite projects in the European Solar Decathlon – and stay tuned for our exclusive coverage this weekend!
The far reaching implications of global warming are becoming clear, from mass extinctions to underwater islands, monstrous storms and everywhere in between, but what about the increasing effect on public health? It falls under the radar, but in actuality, the siren is getting louder each year. So much so in fact, that epidemiologist George Luber is spearheading the CDC’s public health sphere on global climate change.
It’s a commonly held belief, even within the climate action advocacy community, that significant technological breakthroughs are necessary to harness enough clean, renewable energy to power our global energy demands.
Not so, says a new study published this month, which makes an ambitious case for “sustainable sources” providing 95 percent of global energy demand by mid-century.
This summer could be dubbed The Great Melt. The belt of ice surrounding the Arctic has melted to its lowest level in history, a record seen by many scientists as evidence of long-term climate change. Adding to environmentalists’ fears, Royal Dutch Shell sunk its first drill bit into the Arctic seabed, taking the first steps in American offshore oil exploration in these frigid waters.

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