Daily Green Wrap-Up 16.March, 2012

A Kickstarter project called HYQUATOR aims to produce a portable solar-powered electronic device which provides safe drinking water just about anywhere, by killing pathogenic microorganisms in the source water within minutes.
Earth Day San Francisco is seeking cool DIY projects that save energy, wildlife, or the earth. Exhibitors will be able to showcase a working demo, a hands-on activity for visitors, and build instructions. There’s no booth fee unless you’re selling something and space is limited so don’t miss the deadline!
Remember playtime as a kid? Charging outside high on the feeling of freedom. Filling those precious minutes with fun and imaginative games. Being whoever you wanted to be – a pro-soccer player, a nurse, a superhero. Not a care in the world.
Twin Creeks Technologies has announced a new method to make less expensive solar cells. While we see many new ways of making cheap solar panels, most of these methods focus on producing panels with alternative materials rather than silicon. But the method developed by Twin Creeks produces ultra-thin pieces of crystalline silicon by using an ion cannon dubbed Hyperion.
Do your kids love getting their hands dirty? You won’t cringe if they’re creating something colorful and fun with finger paints. But forgo expensive store bought finger paint that are typically filled with toxins and synthetic colorants – after all, your kids could easily put those paint-covered fingers in their mouths. Instead, make your own eco finger paint using non-toxic, safe, organic ingredients – the DIY art supply will be better for the environment and won’t harm your child if he decides to taste it. Discovery how to make easy DIY finger paint for your budding artist today.
Plug In America members sure like to point out how much better their cars are than regular gas vehicles. The latest video version of this message shows a happy Chevrolet Volt driver – but not the way GM portrays them – who goes through the list of ways a plug-in car benefits the driver and society.

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