Daily Green Wrap-up 16.October, 2012

Just because the environment is getting short shrift this election season due to our nation’s lingering economic woes doesn’t mean that candidates Obama and Romney can ignore the issue.
Electric-vehicle charging-station maker AeroVironment unveiled a version of its EVSE-RS home charger that lessens the need for hardware and can plug directly into a 240-volt outlet.
As clean and efficient as cars may be becoming, there are still major elements that rely on unsustainable materials or practices. While tires can be recycled, they rely heavily on petroleum to be produced. But Bridgestone is working on a 100% sustainable tire that uses natural materials without reducing durability or versatility.
This week the world’s most powerful climate change supercomputer switched on at the National Center for Atmospheric Research‘s Wyoming Supercomputing Center (NWSC). The 1.5-petaflop IBM supercomputer known as Yellowstone will be used to study everything from atmospheric disturbances to subterranean faults. It is hoped that the results will help improve predictions of tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, droughts, and other natural disasters.
Now you can easily roll-your-own mobile solar charging solution, without a lot of guesswork, thanks to these handy DIY solar charging kits from Voltaic.
Orson Welles co-wrote, produced, directed, and starred in Citizen Kane when he was 26-years-old. It’s okay, all you folks in your mid- to late-twenties, don’t despair: it depresses me too. But I don’t want you to feel bad for wasting your twenties, I really want you to also realize you basically wasted your teen years, as well. Yesterday, Collin highlighted 19 incredible stories of human accomplishment, which are impressive in their own right, but if you found those people inspiring, you have to hear about these 21 kids that didn’t waste their youth like I did.

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