Daily Green Wrap-Up 17.August, 2012

So, after discovering that my own personal plastic-free deodorant solution doesn’t work for everyone, I set out to find some other options. I wrote about several of them in my book, and since then, have discovered a few more. So, here is a whopping big list of plastic-free, all-natural deodorant solutions. Maybe one could work for you. Or maybe your favorite is not on the list.
A few weeks ago we shared Instructable‘s handy DIY guide to building your own solar-powered USB charger. Now, the website has provided a guide to creating a solar-powered charger for rechargeable NiMH AA and AAA batteries with a twist – it’s made from a playing card!
One of the scariest things I found during my research for these blog posts was that, while I’m over here cleaning my house thinking I’m ridding bad germs, the reality is that my nervous system is being affected negatively by antimicrobial ingredients found in the products I’m using. The active ingredients in products like hand soaps, dish soaps, lotions, and a number of other products has been led to cause nerve damage. The damage done can be so harmful to the extent of accelerating Alzheimer’s disease.
I recently discovered a YouTube video series called Don’t Just Sit There Do Something! The series is produced by Joylette Portlock, a Stanford and MIT-educated scientist, in conjunction with her website DoSomethingAboutClimate.com. Her videos combine information and action tips to help her audience learn about climate change while offering simple action steps individuals can take to do something about it. All with a dash of humor. Good work Joylette!
A recent survey conducted by Insightrix Research, Inc. has found that only 2% of Canadians believe climate change is not taking place.
The online poll, commissioned by IPAC CO2 Research Inc., a Saskatchewan-based center studying carbon capture and storage, asked respondents where they stood on the issue of climate change.
Here’s the clearest explanation I’ve seen of why it’s so important to use a reusable mug, cup or water bottle, courtesy of Shane at Environmental Booty and her client, Factory Direct.

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