Daily Green Wrap-Up 17.December, 2011

Looking for a fun holiday-themed DIY project to work on with your little ones? Try making a unique snow globe using a recycled mason jar and some other household supplies.
Taking its name from the classic German fashion patterns magazine, these set of objects dubbed ‘Burda Furniture’ have been designed for DIY. A self-production and assembly poster offers many designs, including some lamps and shelves, to choose from. Designed by Tel-Aviv-based DÅG, all you need is a jigsaw, some scrap wood and little time to get on with the job.
How often do you paint your house or agonize over what color to make it so that the neighbors don’t hate you? If you lived in this vegetation-rich dwelling, you would be freed of that intense decision-making. An added bonus? It’s green all over.
Automotive manufacturer Karabag is starting a new research project in Hamburg, testing out how to make the best magnetic induction EV charger possible. Nissan is, of course, still pushing forward with its wireless charger for the Leaf.
The SNAP rule remains good way to ensuring safe and more efficient refrigerant alternatives. Until now, however, if an entrepreneur proposed a hydrocarbon containing product be permitted as refrigerant, competing manufacturers would point out that it might lead to an explosion or fire, should there be a vehicle crash or a slow leak in a refrigerator. And, EPA would back off the approval.

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