Daily Green Wrap-Up 17.June, 2012

The safer fuel that did not “get the money”? Thorium – a mildly radioactive substance which, like uranium, is an element on the periodic table. Compared to uranium, its supporters claimed that it did not produce weapons grade waste. Good for peacetime, not so good for two super powers intent on flexing deadly muscles.
Back in September 2011, Tesla Roadster driver Rafael de Mestre announced his plan to be the first person to do the standard EV circumnavigation with his Model S once it was delivered. Trouble is, in February 2012, two French engineers set off from France in February in a Citroen C-Zero EV (the Mitsubishi i’s sister vehicle) with the same goal, naming their journey the Electric Odyssey. That trip was to last a little longer than de Mestre’s – eight months – and span about 15,000 miles, in part because the Citroen has a far shorter single-charge range than the Tesla. de Mestre didn’t want someone else to steal his thunder, so he headed out in his Roadster in May and is now trying to catch the C-Zero team.
I received this eco-graphic right after a few days of picking up trash on the beach. It really hit home after spending the last week picking up trash on the beach. The majority of trash that I have been picking up is the ‘convenience’ item. Straws, fast food wrappers, broken toys, towels, socks, shoes, clothing, bottle caps.
Hippocrates of Kos, known today as the “father of Western medicine” and from whom we get the famous Hippocratic Oath, was a man with an eye for the big picture. For him, everything was interconnected – and human beings were as deeply plugged into their environment as the crops and the animals the ancient Greeks relied upon to survive.
The French government has banned a pesticide linked to the decline of bees that is widely used to treat oilseed rape. Cruiser OSR, which contains the neonicotinoid insecticide thiamethoxam, was banned for use on oilseed rape by the French Ministry of Agriculture. Made by the Swiss agrichemical company Syngenta, Cruiser OSR is a seed treatment, which is coated onto the rape seeds.

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