Daily Green Wrap-Up 18.February, 2012

The Home section of every newspaper occasionally warns readers to clean out the lint trap on the clothes dryer: resulting in reduced fire hazard and faster clothes drying. My dryer seemed to be taking forever with large loads so I went the next step: disassembling all exhaust vent duct segments and washing them out with a garden hose – one disgusting tube at a time.
While Big Oil doesn’t seem that worried about the slow but steady increase of alternative energy sources and green cars (a hybrid still runs largely on gasoline, after all), in Japan at least one major oil company appears to be hedging its bets. Cosmo Oil, which did ¥2,831 billion worth of business in 2011, has started a new service it calls the “EV Life Support Service.”
Balancing sustainability with profitability can make the difference between a successful company and complete failure. It can also have a large impact on the health of the environment. This is especially the case with companies as big as Walmart and Target.
Airplanes have been reused into everything from houses to furniture. A new German company, Airborn Eyewear just launched the first Eco Friendly eyewear made from Airplanes.
Are you having trouble getting your little ones to enjoy their veggies? Or maybe your kid is already a veggie monster, but you’re running out of ideas? Here’s our roundup of our favorite kid-friendly salad recipes filled with yummy, hearty ingredients.

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