Daily Green Wrap-up 18.September, 2012

When you’re in college, it can be difficult to find time for everything that you need to do.  If living an environmentally-friendly life is important to you though, it’s essential to know that there are plenty of ways you can alter your lifestyle to better serve the planet.
Arctic-bound oil companies like Shell and Gazprom are probably going to speed the melt of sea ice even faster than previously anticipated—that’s ice, I remind you, that’s already rapidly shrinking from the effects global warming.
Anyone who’s California Dreamin’ about test-driving the battery-electric version of the Toyota RAV4 can now get their chance.
The Japanese automaker is taking the EV on a tour of the Golden State with its Charge-to-Charge Tour, complete with a web series hosted by Treehugger founder Graham Hill.
That’s why one of the biggest challenges is finding simple, within-hands-reach ways to replace the most common ingredients with their vegan or healthy (and just-as-real) counterparts.
Brighten your kitchen, nourish your heart, and spread the love with these animal-friendly and nutritional kitchen substitutions.
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has developed a new process to test the performance of solar panels. It involves 32 different LEDs, each one generating their part of the spectrum of sunlight, and other equipment that measures the wavelength-dependent quantum efficiency.
By turns demonized as a catastrophic environmental threat and glorified as a therapy for our foreign oil addiction, fracking has become a flashpoint in our national energy policy.
First developed in the 1940s, fracking — literally, “hydraulic fracturing,” or “smashing rock open with lots of water” — only began to boom around 2005, but today, it’s used in nine out of every 10 natural gas wells in the U.S. As many as 35,000 wells are fracked each year [PDF], according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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