Daily Green Wrap-Up 19.February, 2012

When you’re moving home you can do your best to help protect the planet in the process. It’s often tempting to get new furniture to go in your new residence and get rid of the old stuff. Sometimes it’s a necessity as certain pieces of furniture might not fit in your new rooms, but often it’s just because you’re ready for a change.
Hawaii is proposing a bill that collects a fee from customers who choose disposable paper and plastic shopping bags, the HuffPost Green reports.
The bill, House Bill 2260, is gaining support and is working its way through Hawaii’s legislature. If the bill pass the house, Hawaii will become the first state to enact this type of pro-environment legislation.
In the midst of a long weekend for many of our U.S. readers, I have one more reason for you to love electric cars. That reason is torque.
The 2012 American International Toy Fair in New York City was filled with more than 1,200 exhibitors showing over 100,000 products. You might be thinking, how will I ever go through all of these new play things to find the coolest new toy for my little one? Not to worry, we’ve scoured the choices and found our favorite 14 green toys!
The Tenderloin National Forest, or Forest, is one of the few open spaces in a dense neighborhood of over 40,000 culturally and ethnically diverse residents. The Forest came to life about twenty five years ago when Darryl Smith, an artist and San Francisco native, was living in a Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation (TNDC) managed apartment building adjacent to the derelict alley, then known as Cohen Alley.

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