Daily Green Wrap-up 20.August, 2012

A lot of men and women struggle with skin problems, whether it be that their skin is too oily or dry or that their lips chap in extreme temperatures. Maybe you want to treat yourself to an at-home spa day but you don’t want to buy any expensive products to do so. A good, cheap, and pretty easy alternative to drugstore cosmetics is the under practiced art of DIY cosmetics.
This type of geoengineering is designed to combat global warming by pumping salt water into the sky over the ocean. Dubbed “marine cloud brightening”, scientists at the University of Washington including Rob Wood have described the experiment in the journal Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society.
Every day, millions of Americans drink Starbucks coffee. Millions of other Americans drink some other kind of coffee. No matter where they’re coming from, there are a lot of coffee grounds produced every single morning.
At the end of the day, those grounds get thrown out – along with whatever stale baked goods they couldn’t sell. In Hong Kong alone the chain throws out 5,000 tons of grounds and baked goods every year. But a new initiative hopes to salvage those waste products and turn them into something useful.
This man is a real dynamo, full of energy and enthusiasm. It’s really contagious too! I found myself almost cheering at the screen toward the end of his TED talk. It’s really amazing the work that he’s doing to not only give very underprivileged kids a quality education, but also to push forward sustainable agriculture in a place that doesn’t have enough of it (though Majora Carter is also in the area!). Kudos to you and your students, Mr. Ritz!
A couple of years ago, EcoSalon’s Beauty Editor Kathie Butler posted the (much-read, oft-shared) piece Best Organic, Natural and Eco-Friendly Shampoos for All Hair Types. Who doesn’t want the scoop on better hair products? Well, we have an update for you, below. But first, a note on what has changed—and what hasn’t—in the world of “natural” shampoos.
Researchers the world over are trying to come up with a solution to electric vehicle recharging woes. Even 240-volt chargers can take six hours or more to recharge the battery pack of many EVs, leading some companies to pursue alternative methods of recharging, like battery swapping…and battery swapping certainly has a lot to recommend it.
Last year, we did an article on Resomation Ltd, a Scottish company that aims to combat the environmental impact of cremation by dissolving bodies in a commercial “alkaline hydrolysis” unit, called The Resomator. The firm has already set up a branch in Florida, but now they have opened up a second unit in the state of Minnesota.
It’s easy to get worked up about portable solar chargers. Yes, it’s awesome to make your own clean energy, and it’s wonderful not to be tethered to an outlet every time your phone needs a boost of juice. But what many solar charger manufacturers don’t tell you is that their devices need anywhere from 6 – 12 hours in direct sunlight before their internal batteries are fully charged, and it may take another six hours for them to transfer that power to your device. Bummer. Unless you’re using the SunVolt portable power station, that is.

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