Daily Green Wrap-up 21.August, 2012

Starbucks is working with biorefinery scientists to turn its used coffee grounds and bakery food waste into bioplastics, laundry detergents and other everyday products.
Scientists have completed a successful laboratory testing of the new biorefinery process, according to Carol S. K. Lin, who led the research team and reported on the Starbucks partnership at the 244th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society this week.
The Argentine government has filed with the World Trade Organization (WTO) complaint to the restriction on imports of biodiesel, adopted by the government of Spain in retaliation for the nationalization of the shares of Repsol YPF.
It’s going to be another tough season for polar bears. Scientists are predicting that the Arctic will see its lowest-ever ice extent this summer, which, if we lived in a world rendered in Microsoft Paint, would look something like this…
Shari Arison, an Israeli-American billionaire and philanthropist who is said to be the richest woman in the Middle East, presides over an array of global businesses that employ more than 24,000 people.
Have you ever been shopping for groceries and wished someone would help you find the foods that are the least scary/gross/toxic/processed for the best price?
Here’s a reason to get your friends to hurry up when they’re helping you move: you’re paying for the rental van by the hour. As least, that’s how the new Zipvan service from Zipcar operates. Starting at just $15.75 an hour or $109 a day, Zipvan makes carsharing larger vehicles a reasonable option – if you don’t dawdle.
Designer Sarah Pease gives the humble mason jar a high-tech makeover with the “audioJar“. Using the glass container as a housing for open-source speakers, the audioJar takes readily available household items and grants them a second life as an audio system. Jar sizes can be mixed and matched with different cork feet, resulting in a simple, modernist twist to the DIY aesthetic.

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