Daily Green Wrap-Up 21.March, 2012

For vegans and vegetarians, every day is meatless. But many people who are new to veganism/vegetarianism or who simply want to reduce their meat intake rely on the Meatless Mondays campaign for help.
The United States has 18 critical infrastructure systems, and “the other 17” depend on electricity. That was part of the message former CIA director R. James Woolsey sought to convey at the GigaOM Structure Data conference this morning. Because of our reliance on electricity, a single attack on the electric grid could catapult us back into the 1800s, with no effective way to maintain food, water and communications networks.
Energy independence is crucial for a safer country, and that means heading towards renewables. Booyah.
Once upon a time, America relied on its railroad to move people and goods across the vast landscape that comprises this beautiful land. But with the rise of the automobile, personal transportation quickly outstripped the need for passenger trains. Slowly but surely, passenger rail all but disappeared outside of the Northeast United States.
In disaster zones, emergency rescue services need reliable appliances to help provide the basics to victims who may suddenly be without provisions. As a quick-response to emergency situations, Cheng-Tsung Feng has come up with an amazing solar cooker that could help meet the needs of those less fortunate — all while remaining light on the environment as it does its job. Feng’s design concept is a transportable, temporary, solar-powered kitchen that can both be setup quickly without assistance, and accomodate numerous individuals.
Anyone keen on understanding the GOP’s key ambitions need look no further than its proposal for the U.S. budget, presented by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI)—it sets aside tens of billions of dollars in handouts to oil companies while slashing Medicare and aid to the poor.
Lining Big Oil’s pockets instead of funding green energy? I hope not.
So simple, quirky and cool. These up-cycling ideas are great inspiration for jazzing-up your garden or patio this Spring.

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