Daily Green Wrap-Up 21.October, 2011

Turns out that the plastic pollution problem in the world’s oceans is not just a result of improper or irresponsible disposal of our waste: Some of the plastic collecting in the oceans is coming directly from our washing machines.
Designed by architect Pedro Saito, this 320 square foot construction was made from a certified local wood, recycled prefab walls, local granite stones and T Plak, a recycled Tetra Pak carton plaque.
Joel K Bourne, Jr. celebrates the efforts made by conservationists John Craighead and brother Frank Craighead in the latest issue of National Geographic. Check out some stunning photographs that show why these river miles are worth protecting.
Called Modulo 10 x 10, the black, white and bright orange structure is made from recycled materials, can raised quickly, and can be modified to suit different family sizes.
Audi, BMW, Daimler, Ford, GM, VW, and Porsche announced last week that they have all agreed to accept a single universal charging port for use on North American vehicles. This plug is designed to accept levels one-through-three charging stations, as well as home and rapid-charging stations.

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