Daily Green Wrap-up 21.October, 2012

In an effort to clean up its city streets, the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) has set out to create the “greenest street in America” and short of closing off the road all together and turning it into a park, they seem to have done just that.
Here’s a potentially really cool discovery that combines air and water, and it ain’t Perrier.
Hydrogen fuel cell-powered cars have been touted as the next big thing when it comes to enviro-friendly transportation, but thanks to another abundant element, we could have one more alternative to gas-guzzling vehicles on our hands. So what is this next next big thing in renewable energy? Liquid nitrogen, says a group of British engineers.
Writer Steve Hawk and photographer Ami Vitale traveled to the mountains of West Virginia, small-town Michigan, and a reservation in Nevada to match human faces and stories with the cost of coal. The resulting photos and interviews appeared in Sierra, the Sierra Club’s monthly magazine. We picked out some of our favorite shots.
  • GreenJoyment (Ally): These are some powerful photos. Mountain-top removal is incredibly obvious in its destruction, but there are so many other, more subtle, costs of coal mining that are just as devastating to human lives.
Architect Matthew Hofmann did such a remarkable job renovating a 1978 Airstream trailer into a home and office for himself and his girlfriend, it has led to a bustling business doing the same for others. In early 2011, Hofmann transformed a 25-foot Tradewind in dire need of TLC into an airy, compact, dual-purpose mobile living space.
Calling all crafty moms and dads! Inhabitots is officially accepting entries for their 2012 Inhabitots Green Halloween® Costume Contest! Whether your little ghoul’s or goblin’s costume delights or frights, we can’t wait to see what they’ll be wearing on Halloween night! All of you supremo DIY-ers, now is your chance to shine! We’re looking for the most inspired, resourceful and creatively fashioned get-ups — and the greener they are, the better!
  • GreenJoyment (Ally): Homemade Halloween costumes are so much more fun than the store-bought variety! As a kid, I loved to make my own Halloween costumes. One year I borrowed a suit jacket from my dad’s closet, used an old wig of my grandma’s from the ’60’s and toted around a guitar. Voila! I was my favorite Beatle! I’m sure I looked silly, and there was not a single person who figured out who I was without an explanation, but it certainly exercised my creativity!

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