Daily Green Wrap-Up 22.January, 2012

Which is worse: Climate change or biodiversity loss? It seems like a chicken-and-egg conundrum. With hope waning that we can limit climate change to an average increase of 2 degrees centigrade, global warming threatens many species (including our own) with loss of habitat, disastrous weather events, and evolving illnesses.
A Dallas meat packing factory that had been previously cited for inhumane treatment of animals, is under investigation for dumping pig blood and other chemicals into a nearby river. The river runs directly beside the Columbia Packing Company and investigators fear that an open pipe was dumping the blood straight into the river.
Newsweek, in its annual Green Rankings, rated CBRE Group, Inc. the greenest real estate company of 2011, according to an article in RealEstateRama. The Green Rankings list measures the environmental performance–based on environmental impact, management and disclosure–of the 500 largest publicly traded companies based in the U.S.
As part of his “Toxic America” series, CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta has been investigating schools, and his findings are not good. Research suggests that at least one-third of U.S. schools have mold, dust and other indoor air quality issues that can cause asthma in students and staff.
10 ways to express your eating preferences around the world.
Are you worried about your food arrangements when travelling? Check out this link for phrases you can use on your trip.
Get yourself back to the dumpster, claim your piece, and get ready to drill. It’s time for another handy woman project. Quite literally, in a small amount of time you can make this makeshift clock, (ten minutes tops).
It’s a simple and great gift. I made a variation for my niece and she loves it!

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