Daily Green Wrap-up 22.September, 2012

Let’s face it: school day mornings can be pretty chaotic, and preparing a well-balanced lunch for your kid can add to the stress. The best way to ensure that you’re sending your kids packing with a nutritious mid-day meal is to prepare it the night before. From Mexican-themed wraps to vegetable muffins, we’ve rounded up eight of our favorite organic lunches that can be prepared in advance. Click through to see the whole list.
Politically, the rest of Canada may continue rushing to all things tar sands and unconventional fossil fuels, but Quebec is a different story: Vancouver Sun reports that Quebec’s new natural resources minister has come out swinging against fracking.
If you wanted more proof of climate change (Really? More proof? Really?) then this picture should shut you up for good.
This month, the sea ice around the Arctic shrank to its lowest extent since records began, beating the previous record-breaking minimum (in 2007) by a truly worrying extent.
That’s the recent history of Rafael de Mestre and his attempt to be the first person to take a standard, production electric vehicle around the world. After playing catch-up with the Electric Odyssey duo and their Citroen C-Zero EV, de Mestre suffered a crash in Germany just 600 miles from the finish line.
We’ll be the first to admit that urbanism has become a parody of itself lately. (Dumpster garden, anyone?) But kudos to our fellow city denizens who have reclaimed parking spots for humankind on this annual celebration of street theater/ good-natured protest — a.k.a. PARK(ing) Day. Here are a few the more creative reuses, gleaned from the interwebs.
Looking for a healthy, seasonal snack? Try your hand at making your own crispy, cinnamon-scented organic apple chips by following these four simple steps: just slice, sprinkle, and bake! Farmer’s markets across the country are bursting with fall produce – cooking with the freshest fruits of the season is a great way to enjoy eating seasonally, even if you live in an urban area far away from farms and orchards. Apples are a perennial fall favorite – from crisp, fresh slices of apple to pies, tarts, and cider – these Vitamin-C packed beauties can be found in abundance across the country at local markets. Apple chips make great snacks at work or school, and are delicious packed for a crisp fall picnic or hike.

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