Daily Green Wrap-up 23.November, 2012

Oh, Canada. Our neighbors to the north say they’ve come up with a cheaper, more efficient wireless charging system for electric vehicles. Specifically, engineers at the University of British Columbia (UBC) have developed a way to wirelessly charge a vehicle that cuts frequency by 99 percent, an advancement said to have health benefits.
It’s not just top European scientists who believe a 100% renewable future is possible. Paul Hockenos of Renewable Energy World posts on a new report from the Heinrich Böll Foundation, which claims that Europe could be 100% renewable by 2050.
Many people wonder what is better …juicing or blending…They both serve different yet equally important purposes in the wellness path… so why not include both in your diet?
  • Jeff (GreenJoyment):  I love smoothies!  Since a already take vitamins, I try to mix in straight whey protein (to avoid the negative affects of unfermented soy protein) and yogurt to get the extra protein boost early in the morning.  You can mask the flavor easily with a little vanilla extract.  I’ve been worried about how fast the sugars in a smoothie spike your blood sugar level though, because it triggers an insulin release and causes fat to be created.  They have a great suggestion to mix in a little coconut oil to help regulate the speed.  My smoothie recipe just got an upgrade!
Anyone who has stood next to a train pulling into a station can attest to the immense power it produces as it rattles along the rails. Scientists at Stony Brook University recently won a national award their mechanical motion rectifier (MMR)-based Railroad Energy Harvester – an invention that harvests electricity from the vibrations produced by railroad trains. The invention has the potential to save millions in railroad energy costs while reducing carbon emissions.
Environmental gratitude is an approach that can help to inspire ecological action. We need a new way of communicating the urgency of environmental action because it is becoming increasingly apparent that standard fact-based approaches are not getting through.
  • (Ally)GreenJoyment: This is a really interesting article! After all, ’tis the season to give thanks to whatever you prefer to give thanks to. I love the idea of changing popular consciousness to emphasize gratitute toward the earth for supporting our species. I also like that the author includes a section on the existing impediments to implementing wide-spread environmental gratitude. Simultaneously thought-provoking and realistic!
Back in 2011, the UK committed to world-leading carbon reduction goals but nothing is ever certain in politics. The right wing of the Conservative Party, which leads a coalition government with the Liberal Democrats, started flexing its climate denialist muscle, leading to Chancellor George Osborn’s declaration that Britain would not lead on CO2 reductions after all.

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