Daily Green Wrap-Up 24.July, 2012

Imre Kovacs, a reader of Jetson Green and architect/builder of this weekend getaway cabin, shared his project with us recently, saying it cost $4,350 to build, including labor for one worker. Located in Pomaz, Hungary, the 107-square-foot cabin was built with mostly materials reclaimed from demolition sites (timber, bricks, roof tile, rocks, etc), as well as new roof insulation, two pieces of glass, and linseed oil to treat the wood.
If the weight of your bike frame is a chief concern, you can drop many thousands of dollars on a carbon fiber frame. Or you could talk to Izhar Gafni, an Isreali entrepreneur and rather obsessive tinkerer who has built a low-cost, good looking, functional and light road bike from cardboard.
Prefab manufacturer IDEAbuilder have developed a handsfree home design program. Their Kinect based app allows users to snap together a house from a library of components using only hand and body gestures. The library is populated with components that can be digitally fabricated and robotically manufactured in the company’s factory.
Early this morning Richard Branson tweeted about a media project called MIDWAY, which takes place on one of the remotest islands on the planet. Over the span of a few years on Midway Island filmmaker Chris Jordan and his team from MIDWAY has found tens of thousands of baby albatrosses dead. Their bodies are filled with none other than the plastic from the Garbage Patch, such as plastic bottle caps.
During the summer, your pet may be spending more time outdoors and might even take a few road trips with you. Keep your pooch happy and safe this summer by incorporating these pet and eco-friendly tips into your summer routine. These tips will keep your best friend comfortable and safe during the dog days of summer.
Twice in the last five years, rising food prices triggered global waves of social unrest. With drought baking U.S. crops, another round of soaring, society-straining price spikes may happen in coming months.

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