Daily Green Wrap-Up 24.June, 2012

With little more than a month until opening ceremonies, it’s clear that Olympics mania has swept Great Britain, if not the entire world. That’s why it wasn’t a surprise to find dozens upon dozens of infographics exploring every single aspect of London 2012, from the games’ economic impact to the rise in ticket prices to random facts and figures (did you know that Londontown is now home to the biggest McDonald’s ever?).
This might not be the most straightforward “green” topic, but imagine the consequences and possible developments for the environment that might occur in this upcoming event. Let’s wait and see, that giant McDonald’s is giving me pause though (and not the good kind).
Jetson Green’s Week In Review

  • Passive Houses are radical.
  • How an electricity bill redesign is better.
  • Portland to test a new kind of modular home.
  • Shipping containers used for hydroponic urban farms.
  • New housing complex earns LEED Platinum.
  • Greenest buildings get seal of approval.
  • Energy auditor is the top new job.
  • Beyond energy efficiency.
By all accounts, the Renault Twizy is a surprisingly entertaining vehicle to drive. With its very low center of gravity, firm suspension and wheels at the extreme corners, it can whip around turns with extraordinary confidence. What happens though, if all its grip goes away? Will it drift?
Fair Trade is a term thrown around a lot in marketing and on labels on everything from chocolate and coffee to jewelry, but what does it mean?
Starbucks and Staples have joined the agribusiness giant J.R. Simplot to give a boost to the Obama Administration’s Better Buildings Challenge, and in a way that could spell trouble for the notorious Keystone XL Pipeline.

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