Daily Green Wrap-Up 24.March, 2012

Finland-based Nokian Tyres promoted its wares by having test driver Janne Laitinen take the electric car called the Electric RaceAbout (E-RA) across a really cold six-kilometer (3.75-mile) test track on Lake Ukonjarvi in Inari, near the northern tip of Finland. If you don’t believe us, we’ve got video proof after the break.
Overbrink plans to enter Mean Green in a number of 500m and 1000m drag-race-style events, aiming to break the record he set just last year (115 km/h speed in a 500m sprint). To help him along, Mean Green makes use of Volvo’s D16 i-Shift transmission mated to a diesel-electric hybrid powertrain that delivers more than 2100 hp and nearly 5000 lb-ft of torque (!).
The FDA has done little to curb the use of penicillin and tetracyclines in livestock feed, which puts people at risk. But this week, in a major victory for food safety advocates, a US Magistrate Judge, acting on a lawsuit brought against the FDA by NRDC and partners, ordered the FDA to initiate proceedings to withdraw approval for antibiotic use in animal feed, unless drug manufacturers prove in a hearing that said antibiotic use is safe for humans.
The Internet is chock-full of website about gardening that you can turn to if you’re looking for garden inspiration or a solution to a problem you’re having with your plants. Unfortunately, the search engine results can be gamed and the best gardening websites aren’t always at the top of search results. Here are 10 great gardening websites, in no particular order, which you can turn to when looking for knowledgeable gardening information.
It was big news when the Grand Canyon announced a ban (after first almost retracting it following a big donation from Coca Cola) on bottled water sales in the park. But this is even bigger (if at a smaller venue): Arizona’s Saguaro National Park will stop selling not only disposable bottled water on site, but sodas as well.
For twelve years, an organization called Conservacion Patagonica has been creating new national parks in the Patagonia region, spanning the countries of Chili and Argentina. Not only does this provide a basis for conservation efforts, but the organization also attracts travelers from all over the world. This provides opportunities for ecotourism, raising awareness for environmental issues as well as funds to support the expansion of national parks throughout Patagonia.

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