Daily Green Wrap-Up 25.April, 2012

The air quality in the US is at its highest level in a decade, according to a new report released by the American Lung Association (ALA) Wednesday. The nonprofit organization credits the trend to tougher environmental standards set for smog and soot in the air.
Reclaimed wooden furniture has become an incredibly popular trend in interior design. Rustic style and the appeal of recycling materials make it easy to see why this trend is on the rise.
There is another option outside of the big shipping companies.. It’s called uShip, and it lets you put your delivery up for auction, as well as choose from certified “green” shippers.
TOTO just introduced a new toilet called 1G and announced that it’s the first manufacturer to break the one-gallon per flush barrier for a gravity-fed toilet, according to a recent statement.
Tesla Motors has found a new application for its battery technology — off-grid solar-powered homes. The automaker is teaming up with solar panel installer SolarCity to connect its batteries to solar-powered homes, unlinking the panels from the grid and using the batteries as back-up.
IBM is one of the biggest R&D spenders in the world…One of their ambitious projects is the development of a lithium-air battery for electric cars that would be light enough and cheap enough to allow an average EV to get 500 miles on a charge.

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