Daily Green Wrap-Up 25.February, 2012

Statistics on the effectiveness of automated office window blinds are certainly encouraging: when used, they can help shave lighting bills by 40 percent. But some stats on workers’ happiness with such systems are startlingly discouraging.
As cellphone addicts, we all know the feeling of dread when you leave the house and realize your battery is low. What if instead of running to the nearest outlet, all you had to do was a quick set of jumping jacks?
China has established its first national think tank on renewable energy to conduct research and develop programs and policies, as part of the country’s effort to deal with climate change and carbon emissions.
A new scientific survey will allow anyone to take a virtual tour of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef through Youtube and other Internet sites.
Earlier this week the the South East joined most of East Anglia in a state of drought. The soil moisture deficit recorded for East Anglia of 51mm is the driest recorded for this time of year and could mean a very poor harvest for the “bed basket of Britain”.
Sculptor and stonemason Brooks Barrow creates his Glacial Stone Candle Holders from black basalt glacial stones he hand-gathers from an Ice Age deposit near Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Brooks then cut the stones to accept standard 1-1/2″ tin-lined tea light candles.

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