Daily Green Wrap-Up 25.February, 2012

For those of you who are out of touch with what the young people and Mormons are all about these days, Pinterest is this really big, Facebook-but-for-images type thing, and it’s kind of wild that the Army is on it, because it’s mostly pictures of cats, clothes, and cupcakes. They even have a collection of images for their “green” efforts, from which we plucked a few of our favorites.
Organizers of America’s Cup expect at least five million people to turn out for this year’s spectacular yacht race in San Francisco, which is slated to be a zero-waste affair.
This week’s recycled bag project is a crocheted plarn produce bag. I have had a reusable produce bag on my to-do list for some time now. And thanks to a request from a reader of my site, I was encouraged to finally get it done.
The Wind Harvester is a serious departure from most wind turbine designs, not only because of its horizontal design and the type motion required to generate power, but because it is claimed to be able to produce electricity from both high and low wind speeds.
The world’s third-largest toy manufacturer is going to be putting “made with wind power” labels on all those boxes of LEGOs, and not just because they bought their power from utilities with wind turbines. Kirkbi A/S, the family holding company that owns LEGO, will be buying actual wind turbines representing fully a third of an offshore wind farm, reports Reuters.
The positive effects of gardens on property values are well-known. What most people may not know is the benefit of plants and gardens on reducing crime.

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