Daily Green Wrap-Up 25.January, 2012

Real Time Farms is a site that, it says, is aiming to “document the entire food system”. Already featuring 4,800 farms, 32,000 photos and 11,000 menu items, it is definitely an ambitious project. Cited by Food Inc as their “favorite new website”, this crowd sourced resource on understanding the food system looks set for big things.
Artist Fred George created his “Plastic Ocean” installation in Saarbrücken, Germany, to help illustrate the increasing threat non-biodegradable plastic particles in the ocean pose to fish and other sea creatures. Comprised of seven water-filled columns, one for each of the world’s seas, the piece is completed by recycled bottle caps collected by local schoolchildren.
There are many great and pleasantly simple ways to conserve water usage at home. Want to save an extra 50+ gallons of water each and every day? Here’s one way you may not have considered before: take a navy shower! No, you don’t need to shout “yes, drill sergeant” or drop and do fifty push-ups at any point in this process.
In November 2011, BP fired an employee named August Walter, who had been working on clean-up of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Now, Wilson says the company fired him because he wouldn’t help gloss over its clean-up shortcuts. He’s suing BP in federal court.
Who would have thought there were so many wood bikes around? Would you believe that Leonardo D’Vinci or one of his students is credited with designing the first bike? In the beginning the first bikes were actually made from wood. We have blogged on where to recycle bikes and how to re-purpose bicycles, and Bamboo Bikes but for some reason haven’t done a wood Bike post.
Nikhil Arora and Alejandro Velez were recent grads who were supposed to go into investment banking, but they became obsessed with the idea that mushrooms could be grown in old coffee grounds, reports Sarah Stankorb at GOOD. Faster than you can say “triple bottom line” they’d interested their local Whole Foods in their first batch of mushrooms — grown in a bucket in the basement of Velez’s fraternity.

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