Daily Green Wrap-Up 25.November, 2011

Their goal is to demonstrate that if a battery-powered vehicle can handle 1000 miles of Baja desert, it is good enough to get you to work. And being that the race is in the desert, solar power is going to play a major role in recharging these off-road EV’s.
Are you wishing for new bedding this holiday season? Don’t leave things up to Santa — Win a set with our Cyber Monday Bedding Giveaway!
Entering the contest is as simple as leaving a comment or following a twitter account! Head through the jump and check it out.
A lot of the chemicals we use to clean are toxic and destructive to our environment, but there are a lot of cleaning formulas that you can make at home, safely and quickly. These natural formulas are safe for the environment, non-toxic to children and animals and are much cheaper than the big name brands on your supermarket shelves.
I use quite a few of these recipes and boy do they do wonders. Check ’em out.
Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, it’s time to find something to do with all of those leftovers! Although the holiday is one of our favorites, it often ends in people throwing out a huge amount of food that contributes to the 34 million tons of American food waste each year.
In my family, the day after Thanksgiving means one thing, and it isn’t Black Friday. No, I’m talking about something far more fulfilling and far less damaging to your bank account: leftover turkey sandwiches.
Weekday Vegetarian writer Kelly Rossiter has been recycling, repurposing and repackaging Thanksgiving leftovers for years on Planet Green. We round up a few…

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