Daily Green Wrap-Up 25.October, 2011

What is the Daily Green Wrap-Up? These are some of the most interesting articles we’ve read which are related to a GREEN lifestyle: From DIY instructions, green-tech innovations, to relevant news headlines. Read on and participate in the discussions, your opinion matters.

Michelle Obama’s first book about her White House produce garden has received a title and publication date.
This is a prime example of how to properly use your own influence and become an agent of change. Bravo FLotUS.
School kids can now hop on to the electric-vehicle bandwagon with TransTech’s all-electric bus.
Showing kids sustainability and how it can be implemented in daily life, perfect. Hopefully all the schools make the switch.
What’s the most important thing about living a greener life?
The answer to this question may at first seem obvious; it’s all about doing your bit for the environment.
Many forget about this. Take the jump and read about what’s most important when you go GREEN.
Water is becoming one of the world’s most precious commodities, particularly in arid, developing nations. Designer Gabrielle Diamanti has created a prototype for a solar still that could help people with access to salt water convert it into up to 5 litres of fresh water per day.
Not everyone in the world has the things we take for granted, like easy access to potable water but designs such as these alleviate that problem. Make the jump and read about it.
Tony Fadell, a former Apple executive and founder of Nest Labs, said, “We’ve built the world’s first learning thermostat — a thermostat for the iPhone generation,” according to the New York Times.
Do you frequently forget to turn off your thermostat when you go out? This just me the gadget for you.
Consulting firm CH2M HILL is launching WaterMatch, a free social networking site to help industry and agriculture find source of effluent for water re-use.

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