Daily Green Wrap-up 26.August, 2012

We’ve seen a supermarket growing produce on its roof in London, and Brooklyn looks set to be the home of some massive rooftop farms in the near future.
But rooftop agriculture doesn’t need to be big, nor does it have to be high tech.
A new study reports that of nine coastal cities around the world, Shanghai is the most vulnerable to damage and destruction from serious flooding.
When I came across one-ingredient ice cream on Food52, it seemed too good to be true. But it’s not.
Does your kid’s packed lunch make the cut? Inhabitots offers up some school lunch tips sure to give you a jumpstart for the new year. From pre-planning lunch menus to sprucing up some nutritious lunchbox staples, you’ll love these innovative kid-friendly alternatives. Check out how to feed your kids healthy foods in an eco-friendly way and keep them interested, from fall to summer.
Using a method called cloud seeding, scientists at the University of Leeds say they have discovered a way to weaken hurricanes, subsequently alleviating some of the destructive effects these storms have on the Earth. By controlling the clouds from which the storms are formed, researchers say they might even be able to reduce a hurricane’s intensity by an entire category.

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