Daily Green Wrap-Up 27.February, 2012

Sunken into the hill itself, the four-story home makes use of the earth for temperature moderation. The home’s earth berming, orientation, shading, and use of natural ventilation completely eliminates the need for air conditioning.
When it comes to producing definitive proof of climate change, one limitation is the lack of data about past weather conditions. In a newly published study in the journal Weather, Spanish scientists turned to an unexpected source for help- manuscripts from Arabic scholars, written in the 9th and 10th centuries.
The world of natural and artificial flavors is largely shrouded in secrecy. But here’s the essence: making processed food have any taste at all takes a lab full of chemical mixtures.
From spending five extra minutes in the shower to leaving the faucet running while you do the dishes, you most likely waste more water in your home than you think you do. While fresh water is a renewable resource, we consume clean, usable water at rates faster than it can be replenished.
Canada’s internationally condemned tar sand oil extraction is one of the most environmentally damaging operations on Earth. We’ve covered that before, of course, and even noted some Canadians’ resentment of emerging technologies (like electric cars) that might reduce consumer demand for Canadian oil in North America and, therefor, reduce their income. That realization, that there are people out there willing to work against technologies that could improve the quality of life of their children and children’s children in exchange for a bigger TV and a flashier pickup, was pretty disappointing.
I can’t stress enough how important it is to stand up for what we believe in. The man mentioned in the article gave up his job to stand up for his principles, and we applaud him for that. The video after the jump is definitely eye-opening.

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