Daily Green Wrap-Up 27.January, 2012

It turn out the New England Passive House, or Little Compton Retreat, received LEED Gold certification from the USGBC in recent months. The background is this is a home by ZeroEnergy Design, who performed mechanical and architecture services, and Aedi Construction, who built the home.
Technology’s fast pace has left in its path mountains of electronic waste, but it has also given way to a new medium for eco-designers to work with. Made from unloved CDs, qwerty keyboards, multi-colored cables and motherboards suspended in an admittedly not-so-eco epoxy resin environment, these trashy looking seats by Chilean Rodrigo Alonso. turn all that e-waste into technology’s time capsule. Dubbed N+ew — which stands for No More Electronic Waste — these limited edition seats stand out in a big way.
I took a quick look at the site and was blown away by how cute the toys are–I love the designs–but at the time, I was scrambling to get my book edits done, didn’t have time to do a review, and don’t have kids to test the products on anyway. So I asked Jen if she would write up her story, how she became interested in environmental issues, especially plastic, and why she decided to start her own company.
Here’s Jen’s story in her own words. Read through to the end to find out about the give-away.
Politico, the king of horse-race political punditry, has a three-page story today about how amazingly bold Obama must be to continue pushing for clean energy-friendly policies after *gasp* one solar company went belly up and Republicans yelled about it a lot.
Students in the culinary program at Jasper Place High School in Edmonton, Canada (yes, Canada apparently has culinary programs in high school) probably think farm-to-table restaurants are a pretty cute idea. Oh, you have a farm on your roof? You must be so proud. We have a farm ON OUR ACTUAL TABLE.
I am a mountain biker and mountain bike racing is a big part of my love for cycling. There’s only one problem: I live in the city. To get to the hills, I have to put my bike on the car and drive an hour out of town. Luckily for me, there are many aspects of urban riding that fulfill a similar sensory experience to the high I find on the trail.

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