Daily Green Wrap-Up 27.June, 2012

While it is easy to understand why so many environmentally concerned people are fearful and pessimistic, these attitudes detract from the goal of improving our environment.
Mongolia is having a hell of a time figuring out what to do with the world’s largest untapped coal deposit—it’s the most sparsely populated nation on the planet, and it’s sitting on top of a carbon bomb that could power China for 50 years. Naturally, industrial mining giants everywhere are throwing elbows for a piece of the action.
With all the talk of taxing and banning the foods (and sodas) that are bad for us, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that doing the opposite can work, too. In fact, subsidies for healthy foods can be very effective at changing eating habits.
Poo power is rapidly becoming the energy source of choice in many countries, powering everything from homes to motorcycles. Now scientists from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) have invented a new toilet system that not only turns human waste into electricity and fertilizers, but also reduces the amount of water needed for flushing by up to 90%!
Undaunted by their failure to catch so much as a single guppy, Republicans in Congress are paddling on with their fishing expedition through the Obama administration’s clean-energy initiatives. They are nothing if not dutiful.
The latest faux scandal (what are we up to now? a dozen?) has to do with the Ivanpah solar power plant, currently under construction in the Mojave Desert in southeastern California.

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