Daily Green Wrap-Up 27.March, 2012

Our store concept challenges the notion that healthy food cannot be made available in a corner store setting. And it’s an idea that resonated beyond Atlanta — not only because as Black people, we look like the neighborhood demographic, but also because we’re committed to improving the community around us through partnerships with local producers to bring high quality food into the area.
In an effort to harness strong high-altitude winds, the company Altaeros Energies has developed a floating wind turbine that’s a cross between a traditional windmill and a blimp. After some successful tests, the Altaeros team is confident that this new levitating wind turbine will be a viable clean energy option for remote villages and military sites.
Hiring someone to do the landscaping for your garden can be very expensive. If you are on a tight budget and have an eye for beauty, then you can definitely do the design of your garden yourself. If you want to avoid expensive changes after installing your landscape, the most logical thing to do is to put your design in paper. You will see how things will flow together, and what works best and what not.
Starbucks recently released its 2011 Global Responsibility Report which highlights last year’s progress toward meeting its sustainability goals. Last year, the company celebrated its 40th anniversary, making it fitting that in 2011 Starbucks achieved some progress when it comes to meeting its environmental and sourcing goals for the target year 2015.
This revolutionary film aims to expose the multibillion dollar diet industry as the monster it is. 90-95% of dieters, who buy into the latest fad trend ultimately end up gaining more weight than when they began. Why? Because the manufacturers of these diet ‘magic bullets’ want to guarantee failure to keep people coming back for more. But it doesn’t have to be this way…
MIT researchers have found that energy output from solar photovoltaic cells can be greatly increased by stacking the cells in 3D configurations like towers or cubes. The 3D designs can generate anywhere from double up to 20 times the amount of energy as flat solar panels with the same base area.

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