Daily Green Wrap-Up 27.October,2011

Greece commits to $21 billion of debt repayment from solar farms that will transmit electricity across Europe. One catch: It hasn’t built the plants yet. Investors welcome.
Climate change naysayers may now have to face the writing on the green wall, as lead skeptic scientist Richard Muller recently changed his mind and now believes that global warming is real.
Torresol Energy has opened the Gemasolar concentrating solar power (CSP) plant, the first commercial-scale plant that uses molten salt to transfer heat
If your kid’s Halloween costume calls for a painted face this year, take caution when considering the stock at your local Halloween store that’s likely loaded with toxic ingredients. Instead make your own Halloween face paint, using two simple ingredients that will neither harm the planet or your precious little goblin.
The certified sustainable building advisor has created what she calls a “beautiful, useful, artful, and comfortable space while minimizing environmental compromise.”
A new report from the National Academies on the Renewable Fuel Standard recapitulates the growing impatience among environmentalists that cellulosic biofuel production has not grown fast enough to meet the aggressive RFS goals.

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