Daily Green Wrap-Up 28.June, 2012

The Australian city is in the process of implementing its 2030 blueprint for a greener city, and it’s building a hell of a lot of bike lanes. As in 200 kilometers (125 miles) worth. City government is also spearheading a program to increase ridership amongst its citizens—it wants 10% of the metropolis biking by 2030. And its research on ridership reveals that there’s a magic ingredient to success: separate bike lanes.
We looked into these risks because while the environmental and human health impacts of coal plant investments are increasingly well-known, the financial impacts are not. What we found was eye-opening: Some of the world’s largest coal plants are on the verge of bankruptcy, but an emerging Organization of Coal Exporting Countries (OCEC) is on the rise. As the title of our report suggests, avoiding locking ourselves into this risky environment is tremendously important because, social and environmental damages aside, new coal plants are just lousy investments.
“One of the things that people don’t talk about when they talk about the food system is who is working,” says Rachel Bailin, Farmscape’s marketing manager. By bringing farms directly to residents and restauranteurs, will the invisibility and poor labor conditions of migrant workers also be brought to the forefront?
Swimmer Natalie Coughlin…became the first U.S. woman to medal six times during a single Games, giving her a lifetime total of 11. She hopes to add to that number this summer at the 30th Olympiad in London.
Besides swimming, Coughlin’s passions include food, gardening, and the five chickens she keeps in her backyard in Lafayette, California.
For all the times you’ve thrown out beer bottles by the dozens, Patrick Lehoux has designed Kinkajou, a bottle cutter that can easily turn all those empty bottles into a set of really cool drinking glasses. Named after a small South American mammal with big teeth, the Kinkajou, unlike the other bulky glass cutters, is streamlined, intuitive and easy to store in the kitchen!

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