Daily Green Wrap-up 28.October, 2012

Kids often accuse their eco-minded parents of taking recycling and DIY projects to a level that is socially suicidal, especially during holidays like Halloween. So we put together a series of awesome cardboard box costumes that not only save the environment by keeping more junk out of brimming landfills, but also almost guarantee that your children will be the talk of the neighborhood. In a good way. Hit the jump to see 8 clever designs made of cardboard that think outside the box.
  • GreenJoyment (Ally): There are some seriously creative people out there turning cardboard into stellar costumes! My favorite is the Kraken.
Everyone loves pancakes! The breakfast standby is one of the most universally appealing foods. But if you’re ready for a delicious twist on your trusty flapjacks, you must try these organic pumpkin pancakes topped with homemade honey butter. They are a delightful meal any morning (or any time of day really!), and serving up a stack complete with a smiley Jack-o-lantern grin made out of nuts would be the perfect treat on Halloween. Fire up your griddle and check out the recipe here!
The Twizy can be adapted to a variety of situations, from wall art to music video attention getter. Eurocarblog, for example, has a new story about a Twizy decorated in such a way that it is, “blatantly inspired by the work of Pablo Picasso,” in order to take part in a Milan exhibition dedicated to the painter. But Renault’s latest suggestion for the odd little electric vehicle (EV) is one we really didn’t see coming.
One of the world’s leading naturalists has accused U.S. politicians of ducking the issue of climate change because of the economic cost of tackling it and warned that it would take a terrible example of extreme weather to wake people up to the dangers of global warming.
In the wake of the nuclear disaster at Fukushima, experts declared the marine impacts “worse than Chernobyl” as 80 percent of the radiation released ended up in the Northwest Pacific Ocean.
With 60 million people expected to be impacted by Hurricane Sandy, days of advanced notice have allowed the New York governor to issue a state of emergency, evacuations to take place along the Atlantic coast, and (at least in my Washington, D.C. neighborhood) residents to clear the grocery store shelves ahead of the storm’s dangerous surge. But soon weather forecasters might not be able to provide us with details and predictions of dangerous storms.

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