Daily Green Wrap-Up 28.October,2011

Try these unusual uses for spoiled or leftover wine, and learn a few enticing reasons to knock back a glass of the good stuff at least once a day.
I spilled some wine on my favorite shirt and now it’s stained beyond belief. This article gave my shirt a new lease on life, definitely worth the jump.
Kayaking with Redondo Beach Blue Whales has to be the most amazing experience ever. This is something that I hope to experience in my life – can you imagine?
Here’s an awesome video to get you over that Friday hump.
Once the trick-or-treaters have strolled past your homemade, recycled yard cemetery and meandered up your coffee bag Jack o’ Lantern lined sidewalk, greet them with super-spooky window silhouettes that you made yourself. Our 30-minute project is made using nothing more than a roll of recycled paper and eco-friendly paint.
It might be something you can do with your kids. I’m definitely doing this with my little nieces and nephews (They’re so lucky to have me for an uncle, haha).
Annual PV production has grown nearly 100-fold since 2000, when just 277 megawatts of cells were made. Newly installed PV also set a record in 2010, as 16,600 megawatts were installed in more than 100 countries.
The only way we can ride the wave of the future is with renewable and sustainable energy. Get behind local efforts to bring clean energy to your area.
After an exchange of emails with James, the two of them went for a bike ride together, so that “the Fixer”, whose gig at the Star involves solving reader’s problems, could learn about the problems cyclists face. The result was a surprise to both of them.
It’s nice to see people admitting they made a mistake when faced with facts. This journalist, along with Richard Muller, are just some of the newest additions to the Going Green family.
The company’s use of paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council has grown to almost 88 percent compared to 2007 when the figure was about 23 percent, according to a review by PowerwaterhouseCoopers.
A simple switch of where materials are acquired can make a world (the one you’re living on, mind you) of difference. It’s the small things that really add up that make titanic changes possible.

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