Daily Green Wrap-Up 29.February, 2012

Today, Midwest Generation announced that they will be closing their two dirty coal plants in Chicago, the Fisk coal plant in Pilsen will shut down in 2012 and the Crawford coal plant in Little Village will shut down by 2014. As if this wasn’t enough good news, GenOn has also announced that it will be retiring 8 of it’s plants, 7 coal and 1 oil.
The world’s oldest nuclear power plant was just switched offline today in the UK after 44 years of operation. The Oldbury Power Station was the world’s first commercial nuclear operation, however it has reached the end of its working life – its 52,000 spent rods will be removed in the next few years and then shipped to a separate facility to be reprocessed. The plant itself will take 80 years to safely dismantle as radiation levels slowly drop and caustic chemicals are cleaned up.
The largest misconception is that installing solar panels will increase the premium of a home insurance policy. Shopping around and comparing quotes will show that in most cases there will be no change to the cost of the policy and some insurance companies might even offer lower rates.
The green economy offers a powerful solution to both a warming planet and economic volatility. There are a host of political and economic crises in the world today. The Eurozone crisis is expected to be followed by a European recession. In China we are seeing strong evidence of a slowdown and many are calling for major economic reforms.
Have you heard the one about the tree that survived over 3,500 year of everything the planet could throw its way only to succumb to the idiocy of a woman smoking meth inside it? Oh boy.
This is Alley House 2, a modular prefab home aiming for LEED Platinum certification, located in the Madison Valley neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. The home has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a one-car garage (that could be used as a workshop or converted to an ADU), and 1,687 square feet.

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